Nuqteh: A new, easy, and effective method to learn Persian Calligraphy (Nastaliq)



Author: Rouhfar, Ali

Edition: 1

Format: Kindle eBook

Package Dimensions: 0x0x0

Number Of Pages: 200

Release Date: 07-05-2014

Details: NUQTEH
This book is a comprehensive teaching instruction for Persian calligraphy (NASTALIQ). In fact, all lessons that are taught in my classes have been captured and transferred to a printed material which is this book. Besides, in order to make it more helpful and very close to live classes, and to cover verbal instruction, many more details are added to descriptions and illustrations to give students the confidence to feel they are in a live teaching atmosphere. All lessons were reviewed over and over, filtered, and modified before come to this book. Texts in this book are simple and intimate same as verbal instruction in live teaching.
Those who have used the methods of this book have been able to pass tests to obtain official certificates for their proficiency. This book is useful for those who have the desire to learn Persian calligraphy but, their busy lives, inaccessibility to classes, and lack of teaching materials prevent them from following their goal. This book is an easy, fast, and effective method for beginners or it can be used as a reference for those that already attending Persian calligraphy classes.

In short, this book is a platform to take a journey to beauty and infinite source of positive energy.

Colorful illustrations along with explanation and graphical illustrations of pen movements make this book simple, effective and useful for beginners to experts, for those who are learning calligraphy as a hobby, a fun educational activity for children of aged 10+ and beneficial for meditation and spiritualism practice as well. It is also a good resource as a supplement for students of elementary Persian language (Farsi).
This book contains 200 step-by-step lessons providing instructions for the entire Persian alphabet and instructions to combine letters. This is a new wave as visual teaching method that enables everyone to learn. Even those who do not have Persian language knowledge can learn Farsi and calligraphy


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