English for Kids: 10 First Reader Books with Online Audio, Set 1 by Language Together

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Author: Germaine Choe

Edition: 1st


  • DEVELOPED WITH TEACHING EXPERTS – Proven techniques-patterned stories, visual cues, humor and high-frequency words-make the meaning of words immediately clear for a beginner new to reading or ESL.
  • MEANINGFUL CONTEXT – Fun stories that kids 2-8 will enjoy reading again and again as they learn English. Illustrations are by Nancy Meyers, recipient of the 2018 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Honor.
  • MANAGEABLE LENGTH – To parents’ surprise, children can often finish the 10 little books on their own (or with the online audio), building their confidence and enthusiasm for learning English.
  • ONLINE AUDIO – Kids can read the books independently or with help from the online audio narration (adults don’t need to help with pronunciation).
  • FLEXIBLE AND COMPREHENSIVE – For use at home or school. Includes 150+ words and expressions with vocabulary lists. Teachers use it as supplement or core curriculum for young readers in different learning environments.

Format: Box set

Number Of Pages: 180

Publisher: Language Together

Release Date: 01-12-2016

Details: Winner of the 2019 Brain Child Award
Developed with teachers, English for Kids is an early reader set for beginners ages 3-8. The unique Spot Color Immersion MethodĀ® combines simple sentences, repetition, a basic storyline, humor and picture and color cues in just one line of text per page to help beginners learn vocabulary. Children can finish their first little book by themselves, then all 10 readers, building their confidence and motivating them to continue learning. Set 1 features:

  • 10 easy readers (16 pages each) with a simple storyline, useful phrases, and 10 theme vocabulary
  • Themes: Family, Animals, Clothing, Colors, Face & Body, Fruit, Numbers, Shapes, Snacks, Toys
  • One line of text per page following a repetition structure (facilitates learning and bolsters confidence)
  • Vocabulary chart on the inside cover
  • Online audio narration (adults don’t need to help with pronunciation). Audio is accessed using the web address/URL in the books (stream or download the MP3)

Each read-aloud little reader serves up fun adventures: a magic show, a picnic, and more!

A perfect first series for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary language learners. Toddlers can listen and look. Illustrated by Nancy Meyers, recipient of the American Library Association’s 2019 Geisel Honor.

Why parents and teachers love Language TogetherĀ®:

  • CONFIDENCE-BUILDING START FOR BEGINNERS. English can be intimidating but kids finish each 16-page reader and proudly exclaim, “I finished these little readers on my own-in a new language!”
  • APPEALS TO DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES. Visual and auditory learners naturally understand the meaning of words when reinforced by picture cues and audio.
  • ENGAGING READERS. Kids often lose interest in books, workbooks, flash cards and learning toys but are captivated by words in a story.
  • FLEXIBLE SUPPLEMENT. Used in schools, homes and libraries.

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