Arabic calligraphy set of 10 bamboo (Qalam)



Brand: Hajj Wafaa


  • Calligraphy set
  • 10 pens start from point tip or 2mm up to 15mm
  • 1oz black ink in Glass eyedropper
  • Pu Leather roll

Package Dimensions: 63x203x227

Details: Calligraphy kit for Arabic calligraphy and can be used for any calligraphy in any language. These pens are made of bamboo and the kind of this bamboo is strong and smooth for writing. and size are vary from point tip up to 15mm. and sometimes comes with 2mm up to 15mm. The ink is Black made of soot pigments it is dark and thick ink. the ink comes in 1oz glass eyedropper and there is 1oz a glass container with high quality space foam piece inside it to control the amount of ink after the dip. The foam is wet from ink but not wet enough to be ready for writing you need to add ink to it for the ink bottle about 5 squeezes. The kit will comes with PU leather roll and contains the whole kit.

UPC: 634654491107


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